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  Add the HDHomeRun and an antenna to your home network and you've got an affordable way to view and record live TV.

  If you've been itching to cut the cord but don't want to sacrifice local channels, you have a smattering of options. You can sign up for one of the live-TV streaming services that include locals, like Sling TV or YouTube TV. Or you can connect an antenna to your TV, but that limits you to one station at a time and offers no recording capabilities.

  Read more: The best live TV streaming services  

  Somewhere in between lies a TV-tuner box like the SiliconDust HDHomeRun. When you connect an antenna and plug it into your router, it feeds live broadcasts to not only your TV, but also your phone, tablet, etc.

  Intrigued? For a limited time, Best Buy has the HDHomeRun Connect Duo for .99, a price that includes two months of DVR service. It normally runs .99.

  The Duo features two over-the-air (OTA) tuners, meaning it can stream or record two shows at the same time. To really make the most of it, though, you'll want SiliconDust's HDHomeRun DVR Service, which lets you record live TV (via BYO storage), set up season passes, view a 14-day program guide and more.

  That's where they get you, right? The hardware's cheap, but then you're on the hook for a pricey monthly subscription. Actually, DVR Service costs just per year, making the HDHomeRun one of the most inexpensive cord-cutting options available.

  I haven't tried it myself (well, not since the days when it was strictly a Windows Media Center product), and CNET hasn't reviewed it. But it has a respectable 4.3-star average from over 300 Best Buy customers, so it might be just the right solution to round out your cord-cutting plan.

  Your thoughts?

  If you've ever priced gaming laptops, you know that even with modest specs, they tend to start at around ,000.

  Not today. For a limited time, you can get the Dell G5 15.6-inch gaming laptop for 9.99 with promo code AFFDG5. Regular price: 9.99. Update: This code appears to be dead. My apologies!

  The G5 features an 8th-gen Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, a 256GB solid-state drive and an Nvidia GeForce 4GB GTX 1050 Ti graphics subsystem. That's plenty of horsepower for even the most demanding games, though you just might not always be able to crank every visual effect to maximum.

  Read CNET's Dell G5 review to learn more. Verdict: a 4-star rating (out of 5), and that was based on the 0 starting price.

  CNET's Cheapskate scours the web for great deals on PCs, phones, gadgets and much more. Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page. Questions about the Cheapskate blog? Find the answers on our FAQ page. Find more great buys on the CNET Deals page and follow the Cheapskate on Facebook and Twitter!



  六合千金透码报【他】【不】【禁】【心】【中】【纳】【闷】:‘’【这】【个】【世】【界】【难】【道】【就】【如】【此】【之】【小】【吗】?【上】【在】【川】【中】【那】【次】【碰】【见】【了】【陈】【一】【同】,【这】【次】【在】【工】【部】【竟】【然】【碰】【到】【了】【高】【升】【云】!‘’ 【不】【过】,【随】【后】【他】【就】【释】【然】【了】!【工】【部】【左】【侍】【郎】【不】【就】【是】【姓】【高】【吗】?【听】【说】【高】【升】【云】【的】【父】【亲】【就】【是】【工】【部】【侍】【郎】,【能】【在】【此】【地】【碰】【上】,【也】【就】【不】【足】【为】【奇】【了】。 【蒯】【侍】【郎】【笑】【道】:“【升】【云】【啊】!【你】【小】【子】【还】【是】【这】【么】【爱】【和】【你】【祥】【叔】【打】【岔】!【我】【是】

【面】【对】【蒂】【娜】【的】【突】【然】【表】【白】,【陈】【峰】【此】【时】【尴】【尬】【多】【过】【紧】【张】。【主】【要】【的】【缘】【故】【还】【是】【依】【照】【他】【的】【审】【美】,【蒂】【娜】【真】【算】【不】【上】【一】【个】【大】【美】【女】。【至】【少】【比】【米】【兰】【达】【差】【了】【一】【个】【档】【次】,【甚】【至】【比】【蒂】【芬】【妮】【也】【差】【了】【一】【些】。 【而】【她】【现】【在】【美】【坚】【娱】【乐】【圈】【的】【人】【气】【倒】【是】【给】【她】【加】【分】【不】【少】,【甚】【至】【未】【来】【可】【期】【是】【个】【歌】【坛】【天】【后】,【美】【坚】【乃】【至】【世】【界】【知】【名】【的】【女】【歌】【星】。【但】【她】【完】【全】【是】【他】【一】【手】【捧】【出】【来】【的】,【而】【且】【她】

【张】【嘉】【玥】【追】【得】【更】【起】【劲】【儿】【了】,【犬】【狮】【战】【魂】【携】【带】【的】【剧】【毒】【属】【于】【麻】【痹】【性】【毒】【素】……【如】【果】【是】【其】【它】【毒】【素】,【她】【可】【能】【会】【考】【虑】【这】【头】【老】【虎】【的】【肉】【还】【能】【不】【能】【吃】【了】,【但】【麻】【痹】【类】【毒】【素】【是】【能】【够】【消】【散】【的】,【所】【以】【没】【有】【这】【方】【面】【的】【顾】【虑】。【为】【怕】【误】【伤】,【她】【将】【黄】【金】【杀】【人】【柳】【战】【魂】【也】【收】【了】【起】【来】。 【当】【凤】【鸣】**【的】【进】【化】【者】【们】【冲】【过】【来】【的】【时】【候】,【张】【嘉】【玥】【已】【经】【追】【着】【那】【只】【变】【异】【老】【虎】【跑】【远】【了】,【除】

  【在】【空】【中】【的】【那】【名】【人】【形】【智】【械】,【它】【的】【左】【胸】【部】【位】【镶】【嵌】【着】【一】【块】【勋】【章】:【那】【是】“【智】【械】【与】【人】【类】【和】【谐】【共】【处】”,【这】【是】【联】【合】【国】【当】【年】【颁】【发】【给】【一】【百】【名】【战】【争】【级】【战】【力】【的】【智】【械】【的】——【与】【人】【类】【亲】【近】、【想】【要】【与】【人】【类】【和】【谐】【共】【处】【的】【一】【百】【名】【战】【争】【级】【智】【械】。 【然】【后】,【现】【在】【这】【枚】【勋】【章】【出】【现】【在】【了】【战】【场】【上】【的】【一】【名】【战】【争】【级】【智】【械】【身】【上】。 【而】【且】【这】【只】【智】【械】,【正】【处】【于】【智】【械】【中】【枢】【的】【控】【制】【之】六合千金透码报【马】【上】【就】【是】【双】【十】【一】【了】,【电】【商】【的】【蓬】【勃】【发】【展】,【产】【生】【了】【无】【数】【的】【新】【兴】【职】【业】,【也】【给】【了】【无】【数】【人】【改】【变】【命】【运】【的】【机】【会】。【来】【看】【看】【电】【商】【时】【代】【下】【的】【不】【同】【人】【生】。

  【新】【书】《【魔】【临】》【已】【发】【布】! 【新】【的】【征】【程】,【开】【始】! 【因】【为】【起】【点】【后】【台】【完】【本】【设】【置】【的】【原】【因】,【所】【以】【没】【办】【法】【发】【短】【的】【通】【知】,【必】【须】【要】1k【字】VIP【章】【节】,【在】【这】【里】【向】【不】【小】【心】【点】【了】【订】【阅】【的】【亲】【道】【歉】。 【莫】【慌】,【抱】【紧】【龙】! 【误】【订】【的】【亲】【就】【当】【给】【龙】【买】【刀】【片】【了】。 【新】【书】【已】【发】【布】,【大】【家】【可】【以】【转】【移】【阵】【地】【了】!

  “【戴】【尔】、【惠】【普】、【华】【硕】、【联】【想】、【三】【星】、【宏】【碁】、【东】【芝】【等】【多】【个】【电】【脑】【品】【牌】【联】【合】【要】【求】【白】【宫】【正】【面】【回】【应】【风】【筝】【科】【技】【质】【疑】,【全】【球】【互】【联】【网】【受】【病】【毒】【侵】【犯】【动】【荡】【之】【际】,【不】【应】【在】【没】【有】【确】【切】【证】【据】【下】【制】【造】【矛】【盾】。【如】【果】【风】【筝】【科】【技】【确】【实】【制】【造】【病】【毒】,【厂】【家】【也】【将】【联】【合】【抵】【制】,【但】【如】【果】【只】【是】【捕】【风】【捉】【影】,【理】【应】【及】【时】【作】【出】【澄】【清】,【避】【免】【更】【大】【的】【恐】【慌】。” 【扶】【植】【苹】【果】【系】【统】?【苹】【果】【又】

  【洛】【元】【诩】【的】【经】【历】【也】【可】【以】【写】【成】【一】【部】【小】【说】【了】——【小】【人】【物】【的】【崛】【起】【史】。【可】【惜】,【他】【最】【终】【没】【有】【能】【够】【抗】【拒】【得】【了】【诱】【惑】,【作】【死】【了】【自】【己】【也】【作】【毁】【了】【自】【己】【建】【立】【的】【基】【业】。 【洛】【元】【诩】【死】【后】,【这】【个】【国】【家】【再】【次】【陷】【入】【战】【乱】【之】【中】,【各】【个】【势】【力】【开】【始】【征】【战】,【想】【要】【夺】【得】【那】【至】【尊】【的】【位】【置】。【不】【过】,【就】【在】【他】【们】【还】【在】【争】【夺】【那】【头】【鹿】【的】【时】【候】,【一】【股】【势】【力】【忽】【然】【出】【现】【了】。 【这】【股】【势】【力】【的】【人】


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